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Unrivaled Performance in Automated Actuation

Automated actuation and shaking of pMDI devices eliminates the variables of manual actuation, and keeps parameters consistent across tests. The system ensures precise, reproducible control of stroke length, contact and end-of-stroke limits, actuation velocity/acceleration, hold time, and release velocity/acceleration. In addition, an integrated shake axis with shake angle and frequency control offers rapid shake-to-fire interval for unstable suspension formulations.

Uniform, Consistent Actuation—Every Time

  • Robust, proven functionality lets you model human usage of your product, ensuring precise control of important actuation parameters, including force limit, position, velocity, acceleration, and timing
  • Electromechanical design offers superior control, accuracy and precision—no compressed air or vacuum required
  • Can operate as a standalone benchtop unit or within a Proveris platform, Cascade Impactor (ASPD), or other analytical instruments.
  • Together with Viota® software, offers valuable insight into valve performance, and lets you investigate position and force profiles for each actuation
SnapLock ® Device Holders enable easy pMDI insertion and removal

One Solution for All Your Required Tests :

Vereo actuators provide robust, automated actuation; the preferred method for completing regulatory required in vitro tests. The Vereo actuator can be used to provide fully controllable and repeatable actuation for the following commonly required tests:

  • Spray pattern
  • Plume geometry
  • Valve delivery
  • Aerodynamic Particle size distribution (APSD) by Cascade Impactor
  • Droplet size distribution (DSD) by Laser Diffraction
  • Dose content uniformity (DCU), through life
  • Priming/Re-priming
  • Automated actuation with positional accuracy, precision, and repeatability; compliant with U.S. FDA guidelines
  • Consistent, rapid shake-to-fire interval for superior pMDI spray characterization
  • Powerful, yet simple to use user interface with real time force-position feedback measured and displayed as actuation profiles
  • User selectable shaking angle, frequency, duration, and shake to actuate delay; stroke length, contact and end of stroke limits, actuation velocity/acceleration, hold time, and release velocity/acceleration
  • Technical controls to enable compliance with U.S. 21 CFR Part 11

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