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Basic and Advanced Training Programs

System training starts with installation and can continue throughout the life of your system. For our flagship SprayVIEW® Measurement System, basic and advanced training courses are available online or at our headquarters. Customized training programs are also available for the Vereo® Automated Actuator, KinaeroTM High-Throughput pMDI System and Indizo® Nasal Spray Collection System.

Operational Essentials for the SprayVIEW® Measurement System

This training program teaches the fundamentals of spray pattern and plume geometry measurements on the SprayVIEW Measurement System. The training is essential for new users and also a good refresher for those who only use the system occasionally.

In this one-day course, you will learn:

  • How to use the SprayVIEW Measurement System to perform spray pattern and plume geometry measurements, and how to analyze the data
  • Recommendations and techniques for spray pattern and plume geometry measurement procedures
  • Overview and basic use of Viota® software
  • How to meet regulatory guidance and compendial requirements
  • How to run calibration and verification procedures

Method Development Essentials and Advanced Analytical Skills

The training goes beyond what is needed to simply satisfy the compendial requirements for product submission, transfer, and release; it teaches skills and techniques to leverage the full potential of the SprayVIEW Measurement System for product development success. The course also includes focused instruction on regulatory guidance and best practice, and how to adopt a QbD approach early to identify key variables and how to control them to ensure product quality.

Over this two-day training program, you will learn:

  • Advanced spray pattern and plume geometry techniques to assist in selecting the optimal device/formulation combination
  • Method optimization techniques to improve robustness, and practical troubleshooting skills to ensure seamless method transfer
  • How to evaluate the impact of formulation changes on aerosolization
  • How to assess stability changes due to viscosity and crystallization
  • How to deal with lot-to-lot variations in your device
  • Shaking and cleaning protocols (pMDI)

Root Cause Analysis and Advanced Troubleshooting Skills

This training program shows how to use the advanced capabilities of the SprayVIEW system to detect, evaluate and assign cause for out-of-specification (OOS) and out-of-tolerance (OOT) results. It also includes a detailed review of global regulatory guidance and different submission approaches to satisfy a variety of regulatory environments.

In this one-day course, you will learn:

  • Advanced data analysis skills and workflows for troubleshooting out-of-specification (OOS) and out-of-tolerance (OOT) results
  • How to evaluate changes in product performance
  • How to diagnose the root causes of in vitro and stability testing discrepancies
  • Recommendations for the determination of optimized operating ranges of the SprayVIEW Measurement System and Vereo Automated Actuators in GMP environments
  • Advanced data analysis skills and workflows for incoming materials control
  • Best practice in resolving potential queries related to product quality, and how to reduce risks such as quarantined lots, production downtime, and costly resolution procedures

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