8th Pulmonary Drug Delivery

May 31-June 2 | Istanbul, Turkey

Proveris is a presenter at the 8th Drug Delivery Workshop which will be held from May 31-June 2.

Our presentation entitled ‘Spray Characterization for In Vitro Bioequivalence’ will be given by Dr. Deborah Jones, EMEA Director of Sales. The presentation focus is on in vitro nasal drug development solutions for the Turkish pharma market and will include new measurements of interest for pMDI and Soft Mist drug development.

If you would like to learn more and schedule a private meeting with us, email us at contactus@proveris.com.

The Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop (PDD) series aim is to provide a space for discussions on research and engagement in new collaborations. It’s a forum for learning about inhalation drug delivery from leaders in the field and discuss aerosol-related topics in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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