3rd Annual Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Products

September 8-9 | Proveris is a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Delivery Conference which, which will be held in-person from September 8-9.

Proveris Sales Director, Dr. Deborah Jones, will give a keynote speaker presentation exploring the evidence generic drug developers need to support ANDA approval for their pressurized metered dose inhaler or soft mist inhaler drug product without a clinical trial. It will focus on the in vitro spray characterization approaches; Plume Front Velocity, Spray Duration and Evaporation Fraction/Rate. It will provide data highlighting how these measurements can provide key insights that will accelerate the development process with the goal of getting products to market most efficiently.   

The 3rd Annual Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Delivery Conference is modeled for senior manager representatives, experts and main decision makers who are interested to be acquainted with the latest approaches and inventions of the respiratory drug products delivery field. It will cover the latest innovations and trends in inhalation and respiratory market, formulation & delivery of inhaled therapies, the new challenges and approaches of the inhaler models and technologies. The agenda will include content on global regulatory CMC requirements, key studies on the latest trends in inhalation devices and personalized treatments with large and small molecules for different respiratory diseases. Presentations will be focused on the topics, such as: cell therapy, inhaled vaccines and the future potential for high-dose applicants and available liquid inhalation devices. 

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