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Lab Services

Services for Early Development

What would it be worth to your organization to achieve a successful product submission—even earlier than anticipated?

Our unique, patented Proveris by Design™ process measures the human usage performance of an OINDP according to current FDA and ICH guidelines for in vitro testing. Using a step-by-step protocol that takes pharmaceutical spray and aerosol drug products from pump selection to release testing, we can help streamline your submission package and give your application every chance to succeed.

Our scientific team employs rigorous Quality-by-Design (QbD) methodologies to:

Human Actuation Studies

Method Development

Drug Product Characterization Studies

Device Formulation Screening

Novel Device Characterization

In Vitro Inhaled Drug Analysis

Nasal Cast Deposition Studies

Access current, relevant resources for respiratory drug development & quality control.

Optimize your workflow with our complete suite of testing solutions and technologies.

See study results that informed decision making and success

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