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SprayVIEW Measurement Systems

SprayVIEW® measurement systems are the gold standard for measuring spray pattern and plume geometry performance of orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs). Our systems have been validated and are in use in development and production environments at the most respected generic and branded pharmaceutical companies, CDO/CMO/CROs, device manufacturers, and regulatory agencies around the world.

Benefits of the SprayVIEW measurement system include:

Hand it to us to automate your OINDP testing.
Providing more efficient results, the system is capable of vast data collection (500+ measurements daily) to support Design of Experiments (DoE) and Quality by Design (QbD) testing.  Following the recommendations of the FDA, the system automatically captures the “true shape” of a spray pattern or plume geometry at a single time point for more accurate results. The system’s unique calibration set-up allows each spray to be instantaneously measured on a millimeter coordinate system like a map, rather than in pixels like a photograph.
Consistently set-up your instrument every time through traceable method instructions, electronic calibration records, and testing your device in the proper orientation. The system’s framework incorporates QbD principles, reduces out of specification (OOS) occurrences, identifies failure modes with causes and effects. System calibration and verification processes are traceable to NIST standards. The system’s built-in electronic sensor automatically measures and confirms chosen spray pattern testing distance for reproducible measurements.
Avoid frustration and put your mind at ease. Reproducibility, traceability, and reliability are standards we meet.
Trust in our optics to provide true results.
The third generation system has an optimized camera and laser tailored to OINDPs providing insight to product behavior and understanding actuation dynamics. Compared to thin later chromatography (TLC) plate testing and hand actuation, this automated instrument is significantly more consistent. The system can also detect errors early in method development to streamline testing.
Through the universal chassis, the instrument can be configured with any Vereo® actuator. The entire system is powered by Viota® software. In combination, it is simple to learn and use without requiring an image analysis expert.
A unique design that is all-in-one.

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