Methodology for Measurement of Evaporation Fraction and Evaporation Rate: A Comparison of Low GWP HFA-134a and HFA-152a Formulations

Lynn M. Jordan,1 Ramesh Chand,2 Mohamed M. Eldam,2 Dino J. Farina1

1Proveris Scientific, Hudson, Massachusetts, USA 
2Proveris Laboratories, Hudson, Massachusetts, USA

BACKGROUND: This work shows a methodology for determination and comparison of Evaporation Rate (ER) and Evaporation Fraction (EF) for formulations manufactured with low GWP propellant (HFA-152a) and HFA-134a. This approach utilizes the measurement of ER using existing SprayVIEW System technology. Datasets from the stshow EF and ER look similar for both product formulations. In addition to pMDI formulation properties, evaporation rates may be influenced by device design. This tool could be useful during the development of new products in understanding evaporation behaviors of low GWP formulations and in performing in vitro bioequivalence comparison between Test and Reference products.

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