Inhalation and Exhalation Airflow Resistance of Valved Holding Chambers

Timothy Fallon,1 Dino Farina,1 Ramesh Chand,2 Alyssa Rubino2

1 Proveris Scientific, Hudson, Massachusetts, USA
2 Proveris Laboratories, Hudson, Massachusetts, USA

BACKGROUND: A high-speed platform for characterizing VHC airflow resistance has been developed to unlock valuable industry insights. Given the unexplained variability observed in existing literature, this testing focuses on uncovering the fundamental properties of VHCs. Airflow resistances, both inhalation and exhalation, should be catalogued and referenced when interrogating or designing existing or new VHCs. The setup described herein has potential for future ‘in-use’ testing, offering a fast and simple tool to demonstrate equivalence with reference products.

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