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Nasal Cast Studies

A transformation is occurring in the nasal drug product industry. New applications are targeting specific areas within the nasal cavity. Some of these include the olfactory region, allowing access to the blood-brain barrier and the nose-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT) region for administering vaccines.

Combining human idealized Nasal Cast models with automation actuation and human-realistic breathing profiles allow analysis of development scenarios to quickly provide qualitative results which provide predictive indications quickly thereby assisting in the acceleration of research projects. Nasal cast studies use the Proveris by Design™ process to determine human-usage parameters for actuation and then measures their effect on deposition.

Measuring the effect of critical factors such as actuation parameters, insertion angle, insertion depth, and breathing profiles help guide development by identifying the most influential factors to be optimized.

This approach also reduces the risk of late-stage failures by creating a product that can be used correctly by the intended patient in clinical studies and beyond.

Current Applications Include:

Device Types we Evaluate:

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