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kinaeroMate® system


KinaeroMATE™ Automated pMDI Collection System

Delivered dose can vary from 75% to 320% of label claim with improper shaking or variable shake-to-fire intervals. Over- or under-delivery of a single dose can introduce variability or affect proper priming of the device. Tight control of product shaking and actuation conditions are critical to ensure data integrity and reproducibility.

Accuracy & Precision throughout the life of the device

Control of critical parameters is key to ensure accurate and reproducible results for testing at the beginning, middle, and end of the device life. The device mouthpiece is fitted to the DUSA tube permitting complete dose collection without product loss.

  • Actuation is performed via an integrated industry-proven actuator, assuring complete control of product actuation for accuracy and precision
  • Each actuation is electro-mechanically controlled, eliminating the issues and variability introduced from a pneumatic approach to actuation
  • The system will not actuate unless the device is mated correctly
  • Force limited, velocity driven time- or position-based actuation option
  • Shaking parameters are tightly controlled including velocity, hold time, acceleration, shake duration, frequency, angle, and shake-to-fire delay
  • Universal device holder accommodates a wide range of devices
  • Unique vacuum manifold design for uniform flow control. Airflow is monitored and documented to ensure no variation during testing.
  • Actuation parameters can be shared with other systems and instruments to assure consistency
Automated actuation controlled by force, position, or time
4 DUSA tubes and 1 waste collector tube
Device mouthpiece fits securely to the DUSA tubes
Universal device holders

High-throughput device processing

The KinaeroMATE pMDI Collection System increases productivity through automation and workflow including the priming, fire-down, and collection of up to 4 Dose Collections or a single Cascade Impaction. Universal device holders enable a wide range of devices to be loaded quickly while maintaining placement to ensure consistent actuation and mating. The unique Load-n-Go DUSA System provides quick loading and unloading with simple downstream processing of samples without the added complexity of disassembling the DUSA and risk of sample contamination.

Flexibility for research & development needs

  • Automated sample collection for delivered dose uniformity (DDU) and automated particle size distribution (APSD) for product release and development
  • Quick and easy change from DUSA to cascade impaction (ACI and NGI)
  • Waste collector for priming and firing down devices
  • Universal device holder to accommodate a wide range of devices
  • Consistent actuation parameters through Proveris product family
  • Departmental user permissions (R&D vs QC vs Developer vs Operator)

Easy-to-use software that supports compliance

The KinaeroMATE pMDI Collection System allows for quick setup and operation with universal device holders, Load-n-Go DUSA, and a user-friendly interface with minimal training requirements. System operators are guided step-by-step through all aspects of setup and operation.

Software allows total control of parameters

  • Complete Documentation – the need for proper documentation is critically important from Development to Quality Control. The KinaeroMATE pMDI Collection System provides the ability to track and control methods by product to enable rapid method development and ensure proper revision control. During operation, all critical parameters are monitored and recorded for process control, product investigations and identification of root cause of any process variations or out-of-specifications (OOS).
  • Direct Technology Transfer – development can easily maintain multiple methods during development and release, transferring validated methods to QC when complete
  • Complete Audit Trail – the entire product history is maintained, including any methods and data from Kinaero Fire-Down System for a complete and compliant record that meets the standards for electronic records, such as 21 CFR Part 11
  • Break/Resume Function – maximizes throughput by allowing multiple users. Users can stop the method, perform another task, and resume the method later.
  • Product Centric Software – Software is organized by product type, allowing quick and easy access to all methods and testing performed and making investigations relating to OOS/OOT easily verified
  • Method Summaries can be displayed and printed
  • Data Summaries can be aggregated and printed to facilitate reviews
  • Multi-level User Security – user groups hierarchy and associated access privileges are fully configurable to meet strict regulatory requirements, such as GLP 21 CFR Part 11

Integration with Proveris products

The Kinaero Fire-Down System can work in conjunction with the KinaeroMATE™ pMDI Collection System to automate the entire workflow. The Break and Resume function allows for samples to be moved from one system to the other and returned back without starting new methods or creating different audit reports while sample information is tracked between systems. The Data Hub also allows for method and data “sharing” between Kinaero Systems.

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