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Don't Waste Time, Waste Product

Manual PMDI wasting is a tedious time consuming task that can result  in repetitive stress injuries over time. Coupled with this risk, improper manual shaking and shake-to-fire intervals in testing can vary the delivered dose from 75% to 320% of label claim per actuation. Over or under-delivery of the delivered dose during a single actuation can change the total drug concentration, introduce variability, and impact final results. The Kinaero® High-Throughput Fire-Down System is a solution that precisely automates shaking and actuation of up to 10 devices simultaneously, ensuring uniform dose delivery for every shot through the life of the devices.

Automated Shaking and Actuation for Through Life Testing

You can do it all from one touchscreen

Access current, relevant resources for respiratory drug development & quality control.

Ensure uninterrupted operation with on-site and remote support from experienced engineers.

Make informed decisions with study results & consultations with our application scientists.

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