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To reduce the risk associated with development and reformulation of orally inhaled products, the industry requires new tools for the rapid evaluation of product performance throughout development. The new paradigm for inhaled drug development incorporates human-realistic breathing patterns and respiratory models to determine true product performance in a targeted demographic.

Proveris collaborates with key opinion leaders, academics, and regulatory agencies allowing us to advance the science of OINDP development and create new tools for better industry practices. As a result of our dedication to providing innovative testing solutions to our customers, we are offering In Vitro Inhaled Drug Analysis (INVIDA) services to accelerate development and reduce risk.

INVIDA services represent the next step toward bridging the gap between understanding the correlation of in vitro and in vivo product performance. Additional data allows more informed decisions. INVIDA testing enables a better understanding of the dynamics of inhaled substances in a human-realistic manner, yielding rapid indications of in vivo performance. INVIDA services are ideal for evaluating and maintaining product performance throughout development.

Current Applications Include:

Device Types we Evaluate:

Our scientific team employs rigorous Quality-by-Design (QbD) methodologies.

Proveris Labs can help to ensure that timelines are met & that product quality is maintained.

We have the know-how and the people to get the job done efficiently.

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