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Fully Automated Pump delivery and Spray Content Uniformity Testing

Indizo is a fully walk away platform that automates the labor intensive and error-prone tasks of spraying, weighing, and sample collection for pump delivery and dose content uniformity testing for vertically and side-actuated nasal sprays .

Using Vereo® Actuator technology as its core engine and Viota® software for control and analysis, the system reduces out-of-specification results and manual inconsistencies with precise, repeatable actuation, offering a superior level of parameter control to mimic human usage. 

Stay Ahead of the Growing Workload

Multiple tray configurations for different testing needs

Applicability to FDA Guidance

Access current, relevant resources for respiratory drug development & quality control.

Ensure uninterrupted operation with on-site and remote support from experienced engineers.

Make informed decisions with study results & consultations with our application scientists.

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