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Lab Services


Spray and aerosol packaging systems contain complicated delivery mechanisms. Multiple components must work together to consistently deliver the desired spray and aerosol characteristics. Adding to the challenge, OINDP and other metered doses must also be delivered precisely and consistently over the life of the product.

Even slight variations in design, manufacturing and assembly can have a dramatic impact on product functioning. Inconsistencies of human actuation, as well as the formulation itself, can also significantly influence how a commercial product performs.

Offering a full range of testing solutions, Proveris works closely with dispensing and active packaging suppliers and their customers to optimize their spray and aerosol devices. On a contract basis, we also do extensive product testing with our own applications team. All of our products and services meet strict regulatory standards, including FDA, EMEA, CFDA, ANVISA and ASTM.

Performance Testing

Functional Testing

Component Characterization

Instrumentation: A full range of solutions

Industry gold standard for spray pattern and plume geometry measurement
Automatically replicate human usage of device and deliver consistent, reliable device actuation

Automated, “walkaway” nasal spray testing system for dose content uniformity and shot weight tests

Automated Wasting/Fire Down for pMDI devices and/or canisters
Powerful, intuitive software platform that drives the Proveris instrumentation suite

Let our experts help unlock the complex relationship between formulation, device, and human usage.