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Advanced Training for Development

Method Development Essentials and Advanced Analytical Skills for the SprayVIEW ® Measurement System

This two-day training program teaches advanced spray pattern and plume geometry techniques to assist in selecting the optimal device/formulation combination; evaluate the impact of formulation changes on aerosolization; assess stability changes due to viscosity and crystallization; and lot-to-lot variations in your device.

The training goes beyond what is needed to simply satisfy the compendial requirements for product submission, transfer, and release. It teaches skills and techniques to leverage the full potential of the SprayVIEW ® Measurement System for product development success and focused instruction on how to adopt a QbD approach early to identify the key variables and control that ensure product quality.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of regulatory guidance and best practice
  • Expertise in developing methods for Spray Pattern and Plume Geometry
  • Method optimization techniques to improve robustness
  • Practical troubleshooting skills to ensure seamless method transfer
  • Advanced analytical techniques for:
    – Formulation screening
    – Device selection/characterization
    – Shaking and cleaning protocols

Two-day Training Program includes:

  • Detailed review of global regulatory guidance and different submission approaches to satisfy a variety of regulatory environments
  • The theory and workflow of method development and optimization for spray pattern and plume geometry, followed by hands-on practice
  • Common hardware and software troubleshooting, including hands-on practice
  • Advanced data analysis skills followed by hands-on practice (includes but not limited to):
    – Utilize force vs. time graph to evaluate valve performance
    – Calculate the product actuation force
    – Apply intensity vs. time graph and other available parameters to detect defects in device design, formulation/device incompatibility, calculate spray duration, analyze aerosolization dynamics
    – Estimate the leading plume velocity
  • Recommendations on method validation, determining actuation parameter settings, and starting point for method setup
  • Case studies: examples of implementing quality by design (QbD) in development and utilize spray pattern as critical quality attributes (CQAs) in (includes but not limited to):
    – Formulation screening
    – Device selection
    – Shaking and cleaning protocols (pMDI)
    – Method optimization

*The training can be tailored to specific needs and schedule.

To ensure quality training, the maximum number of trainees is set at 4 (7000 – ATR3 add-on required). Prior, successful completion of SprayVIEW ® Basic Training (7000 – TR) is a pre-requisite for this course.

Our team of industry experts with real-life application experience deliver a high degree of flexibility to fit your need in our application lab, or at your site.

Available Training Courses

Course No.
Course Name
Main Focus
Course Duration
Class Size
7000 – TR
Basic Training
Operational Essentials
1 Day
2 Trainees
7000 – ATR1
Advanced Training for QC
Root Cause Analysis
Advanced Troubleshooting Skills
1 Day
2 Trainees
7000 – ATR2
Advanced Training for Development
Method Development Essentials
Advanced Analytical Skills
2 Days
2 Trainees
7000 – ATR3
Additional day add-on to any of the above
three training courses, plus 2 additional
trainees to accommodate larger groups
1 Day
4 Trainees (max)

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