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About us

Our Mission

To help our customers bring optimally-performing orally inhaled and nasal drug products to patients around the world.

Testing The Truth

Our name says it all:
Proveris: from Latin probare (test, approve, demonstrate), and veritas (truth)

Proveris Scientific Corporation delivers innovative testing platforms, laboratory services, and deep product knowledge to customers who develop, manufacture or test orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs).

The company is privately owned, and was founded in 1995. Our worldwide customer base includes the top innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, CDO/CRO/CMOs, and regulatory agencies.

By understanding the critical quality attributes affecting the performance of OINDPs, and effectively controlling them from a testing and patient usability perspective, our expert team of engineers, scientists, and service professionals can help you:

Corporate Values

When you’re successful, we’re successful

We strive to deliver measurable value in everything we do, by:

Milestones in Proveris Scientific's History

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Proveris Scientific is founded in Waltham, MA as Image Therm Engineering, Inc.
First Order
The first order for a SprayVIEW® system is received.
Patent Application
A patent application is filed for innovative automated actuation technology leading to the launch of Proveris Scientific’s now gold standard Vereo® product family.
New FDA Draft Guidance
With technical inputs from Proveris Scientific’s founder, Dino Farina, the US FDA issues a new Draft Guidance to Industry for nasal sprays and aerosols with new methods for in vitro characterization, which includes non-impaction spray pattern and plume geometry measurements based on laser light sheet, high-speed digital imaging, and the use of automated actuation to mimic human usage.
Lab Services Launched
Proveris Scientific launches its laboratory service offerings focused on early-stage method development for spray and aerosol product characterization using its Ergo®, Vereo, and SprayVIEW technologies.
Viota® Released
Proveris Scientific releases its flagship software platform, Viota, to support its growing customer base around the world with a focus on meeting their demanding requirements for ease of use and regulatory compliance.
Patent Issued
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues Proveris Scientific a patent on technology related to measuring manual actuation of spray devices.
First NIFDC Install
Proveris Scientific installs the first instrument purchased by the China National Institute of Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) at its Beijing facility.
Patent Filed
Proveris Scientific files patent applications related to innovative technologies for spray pattern measurement, as well as dose content uniformity measurement of inhaler products.
INVIDA® Launched
Proveris Scientific launches the INVIDA™ In Vitro Inhalation Drug Analysis platform to study aerosol performance under human-realistic breathing conditions and employing physiologically relevant models of the human respiratory tract. The platform allows for quantification of regional deposition and real time flow visualization of inhaled drug products.
New Test Services Added
Proveris Scientific adds plume front velocity and evaporation rate testing to its in vitro laboratory test service offering of bio equivalence studies for metered dose inhalers and soft mist inhalers.
Viota 9.1 Software Released
Proveris Scientific releases a major software update enabling the ability to make automated Plume Front Velocity (PFV) and Spray Duration Measurements on a SprayVIEW® System and Unit Dose Sample Collection on the Indizo® Nasal Spray Collection System.
First Patent
Image Therm’s first patent application is filed for its innovative spray pattern and plume geometry technology leading to the launch of the now gold standard SprayVIEW® product family.
First SprayVIEW® Systems Installed
The first three SprayVIEW systems are placed in three different countries at leading pharmaceutical companies.
FDA Tests SprayVIEW®
The first SprayVIEW instrument is installed at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at its St. Louis, Missouri, facility for independent evaluation of the technology and its application to spray and aerosol drug product testing.
Patents Issued
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues patents on Proveris Scientific’s spray pattern/plume geometry technology and software, as well as its automated actuation technology.
Indizo® Released
Proveris Scientific releases the Indizo Automated Nasal Spray Collection System for fully walkaway pump delivery and spray content uniformity testing.
New Name, Proveris
Image Therm Engineering, Inc., adopts a new name (Proveris Scientific Corporation) to demonstrate its focus and dedication to a science-based approach of “testing the truth.”
Patent Issued
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues Proveris Scientific a patent related to measuring spray angle.
Patent Filed
Proveris Scientific files a patent application related to better techniques for collecting emitted doses from inhaler products and analysis of drug content.
Kinaero® Released
Proveris Scientific releases its Kinaero High-Throughput pMDI Fire Down System for automated shake and fire of up to 10 pMDI devices simultaneously, supporting through-life testing workflows.
SIFDC First Install
Proveris Scientific installs the first instrument purchased by the Shanghai institute for Food and Drug Control (SIFDC) in Shanghai, China, and begins offering testing services for customers in Asian markets.
Kinaero CxTM Released
Proveris Scientific releases its Kinaero Cx pMDI Collection System for automated shaking, actuation, and sample collection for delivered dose uniformity (DDU) and aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD).

Our Leadership Team


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Commitment to Quality

We are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by TUV Rheinland of North America.

Like many of our pharmaceutical industry customers, we have adopted a system-wide Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach. QbD ensures quality by developing a thorough understanding of the sensitivity of a finished product to all the components and processes involved in manufacturing that product.

We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations in everything we do. Through our Quality Policy, Proveris Scientific strives to:

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