23 -25 September | Edmonton

Proveris Founder and CEO, Dino Farina and Senior Applications Scientist, Linda Liao will participate as instructors in the Aerosol School. In its 11th year, the program offers a wealth of knowledge through two components: lectures and in-lab learning. If you would like to learn more, please email us at contactus@proveris.com or visit the school website aerosolschool.com

The Aerosol School, co-organized by ISAM/St Joseph’s Healthcare/McMaster University Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health’s (FIRH), is a three-day teaching program, led by Prof. Myrna Dolovich. It offers expert information and training in the field of medical aerosols. Through the program, participants learn the range of measurements, techniques and approaches to drug development and inhaler design used in academic laboratories and pharmaceutical industry aerosol labs.