Led by inhaler device platform designer and supplier Merxin and by Nanopharm, a CRO specializing in inhaled and nasal drugs, a group of companies that offer products and services for OINDP development has come together to put on a new event series called Inspire Me. The first event will take place on June 4 and 5, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA, with the first day devoted to dry powder inhalers and the second day to soft mist inhalers.

The companies, which represent a comprehensive range of expertise in OINDP technology, also include filling and packaging company Harro Höfliger; DPI capsule and spray drying experts Lonza (Capsugel); particle analysis specialists Malvern Panalytical; lactose manufacturer Meggle; human factors researchers MedHF; generic device developer, and spray analysis experts Proveris Scientific.

Merxin Chief Business Officer Philippe Rogueda explains the reasoning behind creating the new event: “InspireMe events are meant to be educational, to teach people how to make inhaler products from API to registration. This sort of overview and product building is sometimes taught at university by non-practitioners, but not in main stream conferences by industrialists with a wealth of experience. This event aims to teach how to make inhalers from a purely industrial perspective: from the best in the industry with current live experience.”

“Soft-mist and dry powder inhalers are emerging as the preferred delivery system by offering several benefits, such as, non-invasive, propellant free, easy to handle, easy to operate, and gradual release profile,” adds Ben Okorodudu, VP of Sales for Proveris Scientific; “However, the variations in design, formulation, and use present significant challenges in the development, and manufacturing of a successful drug products. A focused conference that delves into the challenges, and opportunities for DPI, and SMI creates a platform for addressing relevant science, technology, and tools for achieving safe, effective, commercially viable respiratory drug delivery.”

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